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Do not use 70 percent rubbing alcohol, window cleaner, or other standard glass or countertop cleaners. To sum things up, despite the annoying vertical-line issue which may or may not be specific to our test unit , the S preformed very well, doing what it was built to do: A truly portable device will be able to scan documents without a computer at all and store them on an internal flash memory or even a removable flash card. Anything below Best color and JPEG resulted in distorted colors and fairly poor image quality, and unless quality is not really important, we can recommend using Excellent for any type of color picture. We received the Fujitsu ScanSnap S portable scanner in early It is our understanding that the contrast issue is again the reason for the problem, and business cards with nonstandard backgrounds or colors usually non-white background resulted in poorly recognized text.

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As mentioned earlier, a lot will be dictated by the evolving technology.

Fujitsu ScanSnap S Review & Rating |

The preferred choice, because it will give you the fastest scans, is to connect to a wall socket. ScanSnap Organizer is a document management program fujitsu s300 scanner some interesting features, including the ability to connect to Microsoft SharePoint. Get Our Best Stories!

On my tests, the recognition step added about 1 minute 15 seconds in duplex mode for 10 double-sided pages for a total time of 3: Fujitsu is investigating this feature for future product iterations, but at this time it is not included. To do that, the most sensible formula was to run the ScanSnap off a ScanSnap driver.

The ScanSnap S is a very friendly, simple device in terms of is construction. Cleaning the unit helped, but it seems to occur scnaner time we use high-res color scans. Are scanner considering a portable scanner that does not at s030 require a computer and can store fujitsu s300 scanner documents on an internal storage device and could even be connected directly to a printer to produce copies, like a digital camera? The S fujtsu very simple to install and use, and the one button to PDF feature is a great addition for increased office productivity.


Using fujitsu s300 scanner USB to charge the S makes it a truly portable device, although it still requires a computer. The ScanSnap Manager, used to tune the various settings of the S and perform the scan, is a fujitsu s300 scanner straightforward, fujitsu s300 scanner utility.

On the other hand, for the power user, the simple nature of the fujitsu s300 scanner might not be so appealing. This approach works well enough, but it means you can’t scan directly to a program without going though the work of creating a profile.

Software Downloads: ScanSnap S300

On our first test, we wanted to see how long it would take the S to scan 10 single-sided black-and-white A4 pages of text at each of its quality levels. He is a member of the board of the lifeboat foundation and was the editor of several high-profile science and technology websites since There are all sort of solutions on the market for relatively portable book-scanning devices, but if Fujitsu ever comes up with a version of the S that can scan book pages fujitsu s300 scanner quickly and easily as it currently scans documents combined with the no Fujitsu s300 scanner capability we mentioned aboveit will no doubtcreate one of the most perfect student tools ever devised.

He is currently writing his Ph. There are a lot of dependencies to understand before really etching out the market. Fujitsu s300 scanner fudges the issue by calling it the world’s smallest portable scanner that both duplexes scans both sides of a page at once and fujitsu s300 scanner an automatic document feeder ADF.

The only problem is fujitsu s300 scanner in this mode, we lose the option of creating a PDF using the software. So although it uses power from the data cable, it has two different ways to get the additional power it requires. Fujitsu S — vertical lines issue see black arrow — tends to accumulate dust.


If there isn’t one available, you can get the additional power from a second USB port by connecting a special cable that plugs into the S’s power connector.

Fastest Mobile Networks The unit has only fujitsu s300 scanner button, which starts the scan going directly into the computer.

According to Fujitsu, this contrast issue is a well-known problem with OCR software. We have a number of scanners in the workgroup and departmental segments fujitsu s300 scanner offer TWAIN support, but the S will likely continue to run off the proprietary driver.

That said, this product is still well worth considering, and it certainly delivers the fastest scans I’ve yet seen in a portable scanner. Anything below Best color and JPEG resulted in distorted colors and fairly poor image fujitsu s300 scanner, and unless quality is fujitsu s300 scanner really fuijtsu, we can recommend using Excellent for any type fujitsu s300 scanner color picture. Sadly, Fujitsu neglected to add a retractable tray to collect pages after they have been scanned, but putting the scanner in the middle of a table scaner this, and we easily improvised cardboard to do the trick.

It was an evolution of sorts, and certainly a proof point of the technology that powered stand-alone scanners. It has an extremely useful duplex capability and an even more useful page ADF.

One of the most fhjitsu design and hardware features on the S is its ability to charge directly using a USB wcanner, two USBs: