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Just install it like you would any old program, ask below if you hit the wall trying. Apparently, changes can’t please everyone. There are a couple of things you can do when you want to play audio outside of foobar. If you have any issues don’t hesitate to ask and I will try to help you if I can. Hi Firstly thank you for the tutorial as a noob its essential reading for me.

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Give it a go and let me know if it works out. There are a couple of things you can do when you want to foonar audio outside of foobar. I don’t get the relationship between this bit perfect set-up and an external DAC.

Fooar, maybe worth mentioning is that I can still play sound when I switch to the usual DS: The behaviour of Win 10 is wrong because when I pause a song foobar must keep its connection to the DAC instead to lose it. Haha, sorry, I had to, even though that pun is getting older every year. Yes, the same steps as explained in this tutorial applies to your application.

You are extremely good at this, you should make it a career!

How to run Bit Perfect in foobar tutorial

Remember foobar now has exclusive control of your audio device and you should read this to avoid any frustrations. There are hundreds of people visiting this tutorial every month and due to the lack of activity in the comment section I can only assume that they are being successful in following the steps.

New Drivers  AMD 690V SB600 DRIVERS

Perhaps I misunderstand your point, but I don’t quite understand your desire to have the foobra indicator on when you are paused. This component is installed by double clicking it aio follow the standard procedure we know from installing other applications.

Will it even work with Pandora? Here, you complain because ASIO does not retain the sound device while paused.

In the sound control panel for my DAC I have to disable all enhancements in the enhancement tab and make sure that both of the exclusive mode checkmarks are set in the advanced tab. At least the AQ Dragonfly is designed to do this.

foobar Components Repository – ASIO support

When running bit perfect in foobar2k you will notice that no other applications can send sound to that particular audio device. Hi i had done everything but the last step nr 7 i dont understand so much i want to have bit perfect audio please how foobzr i do it?

I even clicked the little Wrench and made sure that all of the inputs and outputs for Realtek were selected in the little ASIO driver menu. No problem, and glad to help my fellow man!

If so, choose it and click apply and OK, and you should be good to go.

Setting up foobar for Bit-Perfect Playback

Both are supposed to take over the audio from your computer, eliminating the PC’s sound card. Good luck in asuo that Schit of yours working!


Nothing has changed in foobar regarding this behavior. Discussion on How to run bit perfect playback in foobar tutorial Hugo Darien says: How can we achieve this for PCM as well?

I can’t get it to fooobar. I’m happy for everything else to go through other devices. I use an external DAC Schiit modi 2, non uber version and would like to whether the same procedure as above applies to my case?

Realtek Audio Driver in the drop down menu. Did you foboar to Set up bit perfect ASIO streaming for your Bluetooth speakers Set the second audio device as the default Windows audio device in the Windows audio control panel?

Apparently, changes can’t please everyone. It’s when you are playing that bitperfect delivery matters Ask in the comments below if you get stuck. Before you go ahead and set up bit perfect in foobar2k you need to know that when you run bit perfect, foobar will take exclusive control of your audio device, meaning your sound card or external DAC.

I followed your advice and everything is working fine.