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Try everything first without screws. Place the card to my friend on trial. Promis in ITX screws saw an array created and memorized, but juzat it for P is a perversion. Both controller soft karaoke, t. Now think back to how similar the rake does not occur.

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Which of these controllers can recommend?

Well-ride implementation of an array using dynamic partitions – it can be arranged on any disk not-ride the controller. Homepage Forum Catalog Hard disks, solid state drives. Judging link above linuxmafia AS analogue Sil Jumper screw does not affect the readings.

Does anyone have information on this controller, the work experience? Hardovy controllers – it is, for example, from 3Ware, comprise a processor and on board memory, and there are several times more expensive.

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Only mirroring without optimizations. Well, I think that the problems of the chipset the mother and the compatibility of the controller will not be. Your relative PCI only free?


I too want this on the old server for large disk support, but I was told that the system can not be installed on the SATA drives in the raid the Internet did not find evidence of this. All the money in the slinky new neighborhoods go until summer seizure of the territory. The BIOS can be included stops when one drive falls – it is useful. Yes, and the CPU will be easier P3 for the first time will. I collect the file server video, music Vasttrak Shuffle interrupt in the BIOS.

Now think back to how similar the rake does not occur.

Re: Replacing a failing FastTrack TX100

Both controller soft karaoke, t. And when you plan to do about testing? But this controller is already obsolete. The BIOS climbed only once. Zhdems improvements from developers. With the situation not encountered, ie just general advice.

As I wrote above. He fastrak at Sil This is perfectly normal percentage of the total number of people purchasing computers. Adaptek – Sil, Tecram – Sil The forum honored a few years ago Adaptec “and were quite worthy of controllers, as well as now, things in particular:? What is its advantage over the 2 others.?


It is now standard. In both cases RAID -0 minutes, m.

I collected a file server on the table. RAID nonaym at today bought for r for the first stump.

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In addition, a software controller and the machine PI level for it is rather weak not to mention, and that the PCI-bus bandwidth from pervopney quite low. I put it to the TX, if I am not mistaken.

Changed identifiers of devices and the appearance of the user interface, and the software part, as the structure of files and folders remain the same. In confer argued already, about hardovyh and soft-controllers.