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Of course it doesn;t work with Windows 7 which appeared on the market 2 years later. The driver you state are for Windows 8 are for Windows 7 and Vista. Replied on January 20, No threats were detected by Windows Defender Windows 10 on that download and no threat from Metascan online https: This is the hardware ID:

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Did you ever get a solution for Windows 8?

Setup%20USB EasyCap Video Capture Device

What else can Easycap w7 do? I got a EasyCap. Maintaining updated EasyCAP software prevents crashes and maximizes hardware and system performance. My serial number is on the mini installation CD that came with it.

Everything I did to solve the situation is listed on the easycap w7 below.

EasyCAP drivers for Windows 8, and 10 | Visser I/O

I am still able to digitize the files to my computer but saved on Arcsoft for easycap w7. Eassycap, I installed this drivers on my Windows 10 Pro x64 without any problems. It not only easycap w7 me so much but also saved me from a big disaster.


All links have been updated. My laptop is HP Windows 10, and the disc is Version 4.

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easycap w7 Other programs, like Windows Movie Makerdo not recognize my device at all. When bugs are found in the software, developers launch new drivers meant to solve these issues and improve compatibility easycap w7 newer operating systems, as well as add new features to the device.

When you get easycap w7 the end, check your Device Manager again. I used the STK or syntek driver for mine.

It works for anyone with win10 x Thanks a lot for the links. I have easycap w7 same question The software I use on Windows XP works reasonably well but has limitations.

USB EasyCap Video Capture Device

I have put this file into my drivers folder to save for any future installs of this card. Any Do you know easycap w7 can I fix it? I hope somebody has!

Thanks apyrexia, awesome work! I have the Easycap with Empia chip.


Error while installing services. My computer crashed twice and the editing files on Arcsoft disappeared. Yet the light will shine! Thank you so much for this article. Have a wonderful day. Easycap w7 No Sorry this didn’t help. The OEM driver available from Windows is a very recent addition but lacks support for the majority easycap w7 these variants. Thank you for hosting this site. Is it in the Post or in the Comments?

OEM capture works for video but does easycap w7 look like it includes sound. Saved me a lot of money I would have spent on a new easgcap.