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There are lots of cheap Ds available for sale on E-Bay and other websites. I find that it sometimes pays to accept a problem that an honest seller discloses. If ya cain’t fix it, ya gotta stand it. April 13, at 9: August 22, at We switched to HP.

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December 23, at 2: I have seen an extraordinary amount of video card failures in D laptops within the past year. It is a shame the D has this Nvidia graphics issue. I did notice that after the screen went out the first time, the driver for the video card was gone, so I reinstalled it before trying the external LCD.

They are sending a tech out to replace the motherboard. Called Dell support, confirmed it is video card failure and the MB need replaced.

Dell D630 GPU Thermal Pad Copper Shim NVIDIA QUADRO 135m Overheating Fix

Its a shame that a company like dell would make such unreliable machines. The heat from the main ICs on the board are pressed down by copper fingers which conduct the heat away to the fan in the left side corner. Let it cool naturally and put the whole lot back together.


I am have that problem as well, now m fixing it! I have a D where the screen appears grey, then goes completely to black after it boots.

I guess Microsoft does a good job marketing.

Dell Latitude D Video Card Failure |

October 26, at 8: I figured there was a chance it was a prank but it actually worked!!! August 14, at 4: I think there’s more out there: A buddy of mine bought a Dell D about a year later with the same video setup as the OP, and I wound up having to transplant an intel-video equipped D motherboard for him to get him going again.

Good tip about the backing! Much I paid to be prime shipped i do believe overnight.

So I switched back to LCD, and double fuzz. I got mine at a auction. Another troubling issue is the inconsistency of Dell training standards for field technicians. quasro

February 24, at I did a little research and found lots of info on the net. I though the sucker was toast… no dekl monitor came on. I figured there was nothing to lose since the motherboard was going to be replaced anyway. June 28, at Booting up was always a challenge as sometimes Quuadro could see the boot menu, sometimes not. Is there any reason Dsll should keep this???? You can see photos and a write up over on my blog, so click on my name for the url if you are interested in seeing what I did.


June 28, at 1: One of the great virtues of Linux is that it works great with old hardware, in general, so we penguins pay less for our computers.

I guess I have to return it now. Enhancement for thermal control. Has this happened to anyone else. I have the same problem fifth time now….

So, my advice to everyone is this: