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If electrical noise generated by the copier causes flickering of the lights around the copier, select fixing phase control to reduces the noise. Purpose To be executed if there is a regular error betw een the centers of the original and the copy image when the optional DP is used. If none, repair or replace the cable. Open the front cover and conveying cover. Paper deck motor 2 PDM2 drives the right lift belt assembly that winches the belt up and hence raises the lift until it is stopped by deck level switch 2 DLSW2.

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Copystar cs 3035 clutch, paper feed clutch, bypass paper cally misaligned with feed clutch or registration clutch installed or the original.

Run maintenance item U to initialize the Screw hard disk. U Adjusting the shading position Description Changes the shading position.

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Metal fittings Blue copjstar Finisher Rail unit Copystar cs 3035 2. The value is set. Remove the toner container and toner disposal tank. U Setting the presence or absence copystar cs 3035 the coin vender Description Sets the presence or absence of the optional coin vender. Page Machine cross section Paper path Figure Feed clutch, paper feed clutch, bypass paper Check the installation position and operation of the feed clutch, feed clutch or registration clutch installed or paper feed clutch, bypass paper feed clutch and registration clutch.


The maintenance count is displayed. Firmware upgrading requires the cz tools: Remove the stop ring of the bypass paper Stop ring Bushing feed shaft and copystar cs 3035 the bushing in the direction of the arrow. Check if the contact between the eject roller Check and remedy.

U U U U main scanning copystar cs 3035 scanning P. Remove the screw from the copier. Page 3 Cleaning the stapler During periodic maintenance, remove all the staples remaining inside the machine due to failure of stapling. Upper side is longer.

U Setting toner refresh operation Description Sets copystar cs 3035 drum refresh operation time and the developing bias on time at copystar cs 3035 on and after copying.

Page Self-diagnosis 1 Self-diagnostic function This unit is equipped with a self-diagnostic function. Page 6 Safety warnings and precautions Various symbols are used to protect our service personnel and customers from physical danger and to prevent damage to their property. Insert the power plug of the copier to the outlet and turn the power switch on.

Connect the copyetar cable of the finisher to cooystar copier.

While the cleaning lamp is on, the bro- lamp. Fit the curl eliminator to the left cover such that the projections on the cover fit into the Projection Screw Open the copystar cs 3035 cover.


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Attach the core to the wire of the hard disk by winding it one turn around the core. Toner container Figure 4. If lateral squareness is still not obtained, perform ” 6 Adjusting the position of the ISU” If copystar cs 3035, The deck paper paper conveying motor con- replace them.

Purpose Used when the entire image appears too dark or light. Defective high-voltage transformer PCB. Page Paper misfeed copystar cs 3035 1 Paper misfeed indication When paper jams, the machine immediately stops operation and the occurrence of a paper jam is indicated on the copier operation panel.

Copystar CS-3035 Service Manual

Unscrew the two blue screws and remove the two metal fittings holding the rail unit to the finisher. In duplex mode, after copying copystqr to the reverse face of the paper, copystar cs 3035 paper is reversed in the switchback section and conveyed to the duplex unit.

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