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All Pentium class machines are capable of bi-directional communications; however, they are usually set up for the slowest mode. This software is available on the Connectix Web page and Connectix online service forums. How to Contact Connectix 1. The bad news is that it is no longer produced. Click the “Do not use this video capture device.

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Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Average of 6 frames.

Webcam Test

TXT file contains the following sections: Give it a try The two full-moon mosaics shown on the left image were obtained 6-months apart, first when the moon was near perigee and then when it was near apogee. The production of real-time or time-lapse animations is an extremely easy task when we use the excellent software that controls the grayscale QuickCam V2.

Select the camera quuickcam would like to use and click properties. If you can afford the price tag, it is well worth the money.

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The range of parameters that can be modified from the computer is impressive: This is because QuickMovie is making sure that you get the full rate saved to disk first; screen updates are secondary to captured frame rates.

You can easily guess what will happen if an excessive integration time or an inadequate contrast setting are used. And what about a portfolio of an entire lunation? The following comments refer to Version 2. QuickCam is a line of webcam video camera products by Logitech.


Webarchive template webcite links All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from July Articles with permanently dead external links. If we choose to use only the original cables that are supplied with the camera, the maximum distance to the computer will be about 1. If you are using a Color QuickCam, make sure that your monitor is set to display the same number of colors or grays as the QuickCam is capturing.

I strongly recommend a visit to the Drivers section of the Astrocam web-page. To follow the terminator comnectix the lunation, using such mosaics, is a nice project.

The image is, however, available to other applications which support 16 bit images. View our privacy policy before signing up. Connecix screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

Anyway, the movie can be used to check the scope’s colimation. This option is very usefull for ordinary daylight conditions where the camera’s objective is maintained, but not for astronomy.

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The remaining 3 pins in each plug are not used. This bias pattern is exagerated by the extra 15m cable I have to use. There are three types of communications modes that your computer’s parallel port can use to talk to QuickCam: It is claimed to produce over 15fps at Common Interchange Format size on a Pentium or better.


One of quicicam best places to get all the information needed is now perhaps the Astrocam web-page in French.

I need power and lots of it. FreePulse Wireless Headphones Squeezebox.

You’ll have to reinstall the original software to use the grayscale camera again. I decided to choose nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries 4×1. This female plug of the battery power-pack will interface with the large-size male keyboard plug that is suplied with the QuickCam 5 in fig4. As a rule of thumb, if the lighting is such that you would use a flash with a normal 35mm camera, you need to add more light for your QuickCam.

This is quite relevant to avoid saturation in a quickcamm camera. The connection between original and extra cables is made through a pin male-female adaptor 2 in fig4.