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The amount of compensation needed depends on the slewing rate selected; the slower the slewing rate the longer it will take for the star to appear to move in the eyepiece. Before removing, keep this in mind – after removing this nut, the optical tube is free to fall from the fork arm – you must support the optical tube and remove it to safe place after you remove the nut, bearings and washers. They are loose, so set them aside to prevent dust from accumulating in the grease. Pop-Up Info Window close when finished. Guide book, introductory either:

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Before removing, keep this in mind – after removing this nut, the optical tube is free to fall from the fork arm – you must support the optical tube and remove it to safe place nexshar you remove the nut, bearings and washers. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Celestron Nexstar 5i

I underestimated this scope. Illustration shows the Rear Cell with accessories: Hardback, by Terrence Dickinson and Alan Dyer. Once there, then the display will ask you to use the directional arrows on the Keypad Controller to aim the Star Pointer sight at the star. You MUST lay these parts out in the correct order when disassembling to insure you replace them correctly when reassembling.

Firmware Versions on the NexStar 5i/8i/8i Special Edition and NexStar 6/8 SE

Be sure to keep the bracket and the side of the gear free from grease on the surfaces that mate to the black disk. This 5 inch SCT has produced sharp steady planetary views up to x.


To find your latitude and longitude: And with a camera in instead of an eyepiece, I can see pretty deeply.

The photo at the left is a typical arrangement – the large washer to the right goes back on first and the large nut goes on last. Too tight and the mount may not move freely, tracking will suffer and battery life will be shortened.

One notes they are dying because it does not finish aligning well. Also, disassembly may void your warranty and you should consider returning your telescope for warranty work rather celeztron attempting adjustments on your own.

This play is evident by how long it takes for a star to move in the eyepiece when the hand control arrow buttons are pressed especially when changing directions. ACLightweight Field Tripod. Two star is used if you know the stars, while AutoAlign is for others or celestfon convenience.

Celestron Nexstar 5i

The anti-backlash features allows the user to compensate for backlash by inputting ce,estron value which quickly rewinds the motors just enough to eliminate the play between gears. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Click here to see all votes 2 total. The Backyard Astronomers Guide: This is also the first telescope we have seen come out of Celestron where it seems that a highly competent styling designer was consulted; it is a very attractive telescope with nicely made, finished, and well fitted components.

An annual publication, filled with information and interesting articles discussing most of the subjects which an amateur astronomer is likely to be concerned about including seeing concerns, observing, equipment, and detailed information about the objects in the sky night and day.


If I have the chance, I will get also a Nexstar 8i. Use care to prevent the screws from falling down into the base – it is best to lay the mount in its side to prevent this. Company Seven will revise this article as is appropriate after we gain experience with production models we already have the NexStar 8 on display. While the original fork mount has changed over the years and incorporates electronic innovations, and some optical design and manufacture improvements have been incorporated, the Celestron “C-8″ remains the most popular and optically acclaimed production 8” SCT in the world.

Set up is quick thereby inspiring you to take the telescope out more often, while leaving you time to enjoy yourself and your observing. Visually I’m surprised at how good it is as well, especially when I coupled it with a Televue 2.

Furthermore, it is written and illustrated in such a manner that anyone from upper elementary school to the experienced amateur astronomer will find the book readable, interesting, and informative.

Just enough power to satisfy, and a first class mount and celesttron operation. Electronics and Computer Software Features: Notify me of new comments via email. A magnetic compass may be used to help one find true north.