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Adds 60 channels of T. Module 1 rotary switch set to 2, Module 2 rotary switch set to 3, etc Our global team of professional services experts is ready to help you with unparalleled support and consulting so you can get the most out of your network investment. If your fax application vendor asks you to contact Dialogic for Brooktrout drivers please tell the fax application vendor to contact their Dialogic Support channel for assistance – we will help the fax application vendor provide you with the information and drivers that you need. Starting with Brooktrout SDK 6.

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Channels can be added as needed by purchasing and installing additional software license keys up to the maximum supported. In combination with solutions from Dialogic’s software partners, Brooktrout SR allows organizations to deploy fax servers and fax server applications for document management, business process automation, and regulatory compliance with Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA, and Basel II.

Windows Server Enterprise and Datacenter. You may ask the company that sold you the Brooktrout Fax product to recommend a fax application suitable for your needs.

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This white softare compares the two principal options for implementing fax in a VoIP network today: Patented technology in Brooktrout FSP allows the administration of fax-to-email information within Active Directory without additional procedures to learn or follow. Follow us on Youtube. Starting with Brooktrout SDK 6.

If you do not have fax application software that supports Brooktrout Fax products, then you need to purchase a suitable fax application for your Brooktrout product.


Use the Purchase page linked below to find partners to purchase Dialogic products. Integrates with VoIP networks Can reduce long distance bills and lower administrative and maintenance costs. Windows Server Standard and Web Server.

Adds 60 channels of T. If you did not make any configuration changes i.

Please mention your operating system and the name of the fax application software that you purchased or that was supplied with your Brooktrout Fax product. Also bgooktrout sure that the rotary switch on the Brooktrout boards are sovtware in as sequential numbers starting from 2. The combination of Microsoft Fax Service, Brooktrout FSP, and Brooktrout Fax Products allows employees to confidentially and securely send faxes directly from their desktops, and receive faxes directly into their email inboxes, eliminating the cost, complications, and lost time associated with walk-up, standalone fax machines.

Useful in determining suitability of underlying fax transport, such as an IP network, for providing fax service. These diagnostic tools include drivers so you can use them to test your installation even if you do not have any Brooktrout-compatible fax application software.

Service Center Logon Login Need help with login? Ignore any Add New Hardware wizard dialog by pressing Cancel. Use the Purchase page linked below to find partners to purchase Dialogic products. Switch off the computer where you want to install the Brooktrout Fax card.


Dialogic Authorized Distributors Contact Sales. To make sure that the drivers that you use are compatible with your fax application, the fax application provider includes the correct Brooktrout Fax drivers with its product.

Click Yes to proceed and install the new hardware. NOTE If the installation has detected existing Brooktrout drivers on the computer, you are asked to reboot your computer. Plug in the card following the instructions supplied with the hardware.

DialogicĀ® BrooktroutĀ® Fax Service Provider (FSP) Software and User Documentation

Dialogic Brooktrout SR Fax Software Host-based Fax softwrae IP engine that leverages field-proven fax technology to deliver high levels of performance, reliability, and scalability.

If the fax application software supports your Brooktrout Fax product, then it will include the drivers you need. Brooktrout Fax products are used along with many special-purpose Enterprise Fax applications that are designed to work with Brooktrout Fax.

This feature allows service providers to selectively route FoIP calls over specific networks and improve bropktrout reliability of global FoIP faxing.

iFAX Solutions | Brooktrout Support

Click the icon to expand. Please contact the vendor of your fax application for the latest compatible Brooktrout software.

You must use the right driver version for your fax application: