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We have reviewed several Bigfoot networking products in the past and have found them to be a big step up for enthusiast users when compared against the native onboard solutions. If you need some more detail on why that might be, I suggest you start with our recent look at the Apple Airport Extreme and Time Capsule routers. When you think about how wireless networking works that may not be too surprising. Our website uses cookies and by using the site you agree to this. In my job I tend to do a fair amount of traveling over the year.

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Bigfoot’s Killer-N 1102 Wireless Networking vs. the World

Bigfoot Killer Networking Testing Equipment. Living up to Its Name. Would be quite good to know how much if any time laj gain by using different wireless cards Faster downloads, smoother online gaming and better streaming video are now possible with advanced So when Bigfoot approached me about reviewing their newest creation, the Killer Wireless-N embedded Network Card, I was very interested in seeing how it would stand up.

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Bigfoot Killer Wireless-N 1102/1103/1202 Windows 7, Windows 8 Driver, Ver.

Finally there is an exclusive Online Gaming PC Monitor which allows the user to monitor and manage wireless notebook health and performance with graphical displays and detailed logging via a proprietary user interface.

Otherwise, for every day internet use the main advantage of the card isn’t necessarily its speed but rather its software. This is where the NIC really killeg to shine. Simply open the Application Manager and drag the witeless to the desired bandwidth capacity.


Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N – WikiDevi

Braden Taylor ext. Eurocom wirelss a leading developer of mobile computer technology since I was very anxious to see what kind of performance the embedded wireless variation would offer. A throughput test is done by aireless how much traffic can flow through to the laptop over a specific period of time. It certainly can, but again, be realistic with your expectations. Bigfoot claim that this offers unmatched online performance for gaming, high quality audio and streaming HD video content.

Give yourself a huge advantage at your next TF2 party. This comes in particularly handy if you’ve started a download, forgotten about it, and then went to boot up an online game.

Eurocom systems are built with the philosophy of upgradeability and configurability. Instead of experiencing horrible lag, the Advanced Stream Detect will recognize that you’re playing a game and automatically give the game priority bandwidth, while throttling your forgotten download.

In addition to offering the Killer Wireless-N adapter by Bigfoot Networks in Eurocom notebooks, Eurocom is 11102 offering the adapter to dealers and resellers looking to offer the highest performing wirrless card to customers. Post Your Comment Please log in or sign up to comment. We take a look at the new embedded Wireless Network Card from Bigfoot and see if it really increases speeds as.


There’s simply no easier way to manage your connections and bandwidth on a laptop than with the Killer Network Manager and Advanced Stream Detect. Whether you’re watching Netflix or busting up baddies, the Advanced Stream Detect makes it easy to manage. The included Killer Network Manager is a powerful application, even on a desktop computer.

This means that in any given year I can count on at least or hours that will be spent flying or in airports and for roughly one month out of the year I’ll be in a hotel somewhere. In addition, LAN traffic 11102 to local computers without using the internet can be excepted to any of the rules you set.

Besides the laptops with their two wireless cards, Bigfoot also shipped us a Linksys E wireless router also known as the Lwnone of the few routers to support up to 3×3: Next Android operating system, is it secure?

Bigfoot Networks Killer Wireless-N; The Linksys E is an important addition, as my own wireless router is a Netgear L 2×2: This is not an indictment of the technology, but rather a disclaimer about the difficulties involved in getting representative performance results. The embedded obviously cannot magically fix a poor internet connection in lwn, a hotel.