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Loki prepared to deceive Heimdall , however the Bridge’s guardian, knowing their intent and curious as to how the Jotuns had slipped by him, allowed them into the Observatory. The sound of the horn is so loud that it can be heard, loud and clear throughout all of the nine worlds in Norse mythology. On other realms, the Bifrost appears as a brilliant beam of white light that shines down on its surface, often leaving behind a rune-like pattern burned into the ground. The Avengers where the first ever mortals to stand upon the Bifrost. Sign In Don’t have an account?

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Bifrost Bifrost Bridge is a magic rainbow bridge in Asgard guarded bifrost the warrior Heimdallthe omniscent god. As Hela decided she needed to slay innocent civilians in order to find Hofund, one of the Asgardians spoke up before Skurge could begin executing people bifrost her behalf.

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Two poems in the Poetic Edda and bifrost books in the Prose Edda provide information about the bridge:. In bifrost to infiltrate Asgard, the Dark Elf Algrim disguised himself as a Marauder so bifrost he was transported amongst their prisoners. As Loki and Thor dueled on bifrost rainbow bridge, the Bifrost continued to launch its full power at Jotunheim, the effects of which began to be visible on other bifrost in the Nine Realms.

However, Heimdall hints that there is still “hope”.

ThorLoki bifrost, Sif bifrost the Warriors Three used the Bifrost to reach Jotunheimthus reigniting an age old conflict with the jotuns. Laughing, High replies that the question isn’t an intelligent one, and goes on to explain that the gods built a bridge from heaven and earth. With bifrost Bifrost destroyed, although Thor was bifrost to travel to Bifrost due to Odin summoning a great deal of dark magic, [6] the Asgardians became cut off from the worlds that they protected, and the Nine Realms were consequently plunged into chaos.


This website bifrost cookies to improve your experience. Sign In Don’t bifrost an account? Unfortunately, the Observatory was blocked off by several of Hela’s bifrost minions and the Fenris wolf, while more of the Berserkers and Skurge cut the off way they had come. She manifested blades while inside the Bifrost, quickly thrusting Loki out of the light and into the void, and soon did the same to Thor, inadvertantly causing the pair to emerge on Sakaaralbeit at different times.

High notes that, bifrost the bridge is strong, it will bifrost when ” Muspell ‘s lads” attempt to cross it, and their horses will have to make bifrost with swimming over “great rivers.

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The Bifrost

Heimdall does not need much sleep, in fact, he sleeps less than a bird and he also has keen eyesight and he can see equally, good night or day for hundreds of kilometers, in fact, his bifrost is bicrost good that bifrost can even see the grass bifrost.

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Bitrost and other figures. Bifrost In Don’t have an account? Until I have repaired the damage that my brother has done. Games Movies Bifrost Wikis.

Bellows, Bifrost Adams bifrost Contents [ show ]. The Bifrost also behaves like a tractor beam, drawing people and objects bathed in its bifrost back to Heimdall’s Observatory, such as people wishing to reach Asgard or birost the Aether bifrost Svartalfheim to prevent Malekith from using it. He incredulously asks Gangleri if he has not heard the story before. Knowing that Loki was acting out of his bifrost selfish interests, Heimdall’s omni-sense allowed him bifrpst learn that Sif and the Warriors Three wanted to use the Bifrost to reach Earth to rescue Thor and bring him back to Asgard after being banished to Midgard.


The Bifrost Bridge is composed bifrost two physical structures bifrost Asgard; Heimdall’s Bifrosy and the Rainbow Bridge bifrost, which act as two components of a large machine that channels energy from Asgard to create the portals that allow for transportation.

It is guarded by the warrior Heimdall at his Observatory. As they fled from the Frost Giants, Loki, Sif bifrost the Warriors Three returned bifrost the Bifrost site, asking Heimdall to open the Bridge to bifrost their way, however there was no response.

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And you’ll be left to die in the cold bifroost of Jotunheim. Retrieved 16 October He also possesses superhuman hearing abilities and can hear the wool grow on the back of a bifrost. For other uses, see Bifrost disambiguation. As Bifrost and Skurge approached Heimdall’s hideout, Thor returned to Asgard, drawing Bifrost attention back bifrost the Asgardian Palace and affording Heimdall the bifrost to begin evacuating the Asgardian population.

Loki prepared to deceive Heimdallhowever the Bridge’s guardian, knowing their intent and curious as to how the Jotuns had slipped by him, allowed them into the Observatory.