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All times are GMT. Please be more specific as to model and brand, even version of device is aplicable, also what have you done so far to install it. Try putting interface wlan0 to monitor mode: I have the linux drivers for this item and have used the install. Is this chipset supported – I have read that it is under the drivers? Join Date Nov Posts 2. Problem Solved – My thanks to all who viewed this thread.

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Join Date Belkin k7sf7d4101v1 Posts 2. I have a USB card with the same chipset and I can’t get belkin k7sf7d4101v1 into monitor mode as well. My Questions are as follows 1. Thanks for responding, but as you can see from the above Please be more 7ksf7d4101v1 as to model and brand, even version of device is aplicable, also what have you done so far to install it. Moved this from the Wireless Trouble Shooting Sticky to allow for a wider audience. I belkin k7sf7d4101v1 seem to get any of the modified drivers to install.

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Sorry to Mislead – Belkin k7sf7d4101v1 just went out and bought another one different of course with the atheros chipset on board. I have been working on this for it seems like Forever!! Join Date Dec Posts 1.


I know that I am overlooking the simplest detail. Problem Solved – My belkin k7sf7d4101v1 to all who viewed this thread.

F7D4101V1 Double N+Wireless USB Adapter Cover Letter PoA Belkin International, Inc.

Join Date Mar Posts How did you solve the problem? All times are GMT.

Is this chipset supported – I have read that it is under the drivers? Hi, I have belkin k7sf7d4101v1 purchased a new unbranded USB to use on the vmware image I downloaded from the website, as the old belkin wasn’t giving belkin k7sf7d4101v1 the range I required. I have tried various belkln too many to remember that have been posted on the net and on both this site and the former backtrack forum.

Network:Belkin/Wireless Adapter – TechInfoDepot

I can confirm the same error messages as flyinghaggis. I have already tried the iwconfig and it is belkin k7sf7d4101v1. Also try booting without the USB plugged in. If it is supported – Is there a driver that i can download with instructions pertinent to kali-linux? As this is on a VM I will reinstall it to remove any conflicts that may have occured during my quest to resolve this issue.


I have downloaded belkin k7sf7d4101v1 backports I have the linux drivers belkin k7sf7d4101v1 this item and have used the install. Results 1 to 13 of To the Mods – if belkin k7sf7d4101v1 is wrong then please excuse my ignorance and take the appropriate action.

Belkin F6D6050

Did you have belkin k7sf7d4101v1 install a modified driver to get the process completed? I am fairly new to linux but not to computers in general.

All I can tell you is it is an unbranded usb purchased bellin fleabay and that on the module itselft it says ieee Unable to get the realtek su in Monitor Mode.

Belkin k7sf7d4101v1 time now is Dmesg and Iwconfig results after clean vm image installed Code:. I have today belkin k7sf7d4101v1 the instructions from a livecd 32 bit edition at https: Originally Posted by flyinghaggis. Belkin k7sf7d4101v1 boot, plug it in and see if device is present: The chipset is a realtek although when plugged into Vm it displays Su.