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Here is a link for drivers for the Avery Label Printer https: The time now is I had a really simple use – print 3 lines of txt from a excell sheet. I had iot with the so I called. Did you get it working? I found the driver on the link Dai supplied, it is free.

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I spent more time messing around with my printer than anything else. Print different addresses, or other information, on the labels by typing each of them, as described in Create and print labels in Word for Mac. Avery Persona Label Printer Software. Expand your Office skills. Word displays New Custom laser or New Custom dot matrix osxx, depending on the type of printer specified in Label Options.

Avery Persona Label Printer Software – Tech Support Forum

Virus Problem, Please Help. Print the same address, or other information, on all of the labels on a sheet, as described in Create return address labels in Word for Mac.

Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. After you have selected your Avery product in Word, or customized a labels document to match the labels that you have, you can prepare Word with the text that you want to print to those labels in a variety of ways.

Use Avery templates in Word for Mac

I’ve had one of these new out of the box for 18 months I’s going to end up in the bin soon. Here are the links I got right from Avery; https: If you want the same address or information on all labels in the sheet, type it in the Delivery Address box, and click OK.


I had a really simple use – print 3 lines of txt from a excell sheet. For those that haven’t avfry yours away, I did eventually manage to get the damn thing working, It was a quiet day at work. Avry did down load the new drivers and wizard etc. I won’t be purchasing any new label stock but I will keep using it till either I run out or it stops working.

When you click OK in LabelsWord creates a new document with the information from Delivery Address laid out for printing to the type of labels that you selected. I did find the basic driver, and some software, but it really stinks, so I’m thinking maybe that’s why you don’t see any of these os on the market.

Avery Label Templates For Mac | Avery

Hi All, I don’t normally leave messages on forums but I know I have avefy this problems for a long time. Under Printer typeselect avrey type of printer you are using.

I was recently given an Averyhowever the CD is missing, and there are no downloads available on the. In the Product number list, select the number that matches the product number of avvery Avery product. Anyone got any idea where I could find software for this beast so I could actually use it? I needed to print maybe 10 labels every second day or so.


Was this information helpful? I had iot with the so I called. After you have the correct measurements, click OK twice to return to Labels. Merge information, such as names and addresses, in an Excel spreadsheet with a document to print that information to labels, as described in Create mailing labels in Word by using mail merge.

The time now is In the Label products list, select one of the Avery options. In the end i decided to give up on the whole DIY approach and i found a british labels company instead to print my labels, saved me so much hassle. After you have Word configured to use your Avery product, you have a few options:.

Computer powers off in sleep mode Windows 7-Ultimate 64 Bit My System. It is in the bin, I’m sick averj playing with this piece of junk. A search for Avery drivers or software came up empty.