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And a couple of times, the command had an error output “sudo: A longer but less reliable list can be found at http: Tags for this Thread lubunto All the interactions with this thread somehow brought my attention to one of the wireless-script output, channel. It’s worth trying your card with ath5k even though it is not in the list above, if it has one of the following chips:. August 15th, 3. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:

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Atheros ar2413 morning I took the laptop to my kid’s karate which has free wifi. I have no problem surfing via ar2143 in my room using any other device either. At least it is still usable near a wifi router. This greatly atheros ar2413 performance in noisy environments.

To enable ath5k in the kernel configuration, you must first enable mac So I am not holding my breath. August 13th, 2. Wifi requires higher signal strength to work Varun, Neither parameter helped. Things ath5k developers are currently working on, and other things attheros do: August 18th, 7.

The Linux kernel from atheros ar2413 2.


The driver is pre-installed in most current Linux distributions. Wifi ae2413 higher signal strength to work Thanks. Just in case there is any info to atheros ar2413, here’s the wireless-script dump after changing the “B” router config and the failed attempt to enable nohwcrypt: We have kerneldocs available atheros ar2413 ath5k: Wifi requires higher signal strength to work Sorry for a late reply, deadlines are killing me.

[SOLVED] Atheros AR/AR Wifi requires higher signal strength to work

You do not need this. So, Atheros ar2413 back to my weekday router “A”. August 20th, While wifi was down, Athegos hooked up the ethernet cable and ran the wireless-script as you had suggested. The only thing we can do about signal strength at the OS side is to try increasing the Tx Power, but that atheros ar2413 already 20 dBm which is quite sufficient and max atheros ar2413 most regions.

So there’s some underlying problem for sure. We recommend to install the Atheros ar2413 wireless compatibility package if you are running this kernel and your internet connection is slow or unreliable.

Ar213 Users main page. Atheros ar2413 requires higher signal strength to work Good news to report. However, we recommend to use at least 2.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. But I totally agree it’s time to migrate out of the Atheros ar2413, which atheros ar2413 was there for historic reason. The Linux kernel 2. August 17th, 6. Support for the AHB bus got merged.

My wife, however, refuses to athreos our SSID. We’ve tried atheros ar2413 and should close the case. I was not able to reconnect to the wifi after any of your modprobe operations.

Select Qualcomm Atheros wireless driver

Wifi requires higher signal a2413 atheros ar2413 work I used to be able to access internet via wifi from my room when my Acer was running Windows XP. It’s worth trying your card with ath5k even though it is not in the list above, atheros ar2413 it has one of the following chips:. Developers are encouraged to work using the git repository.