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Small Business – Chron. Restore my apps and stuff? I’ve deleted and reinstalled that app a million times, using all kinds of different settings each time I did it this morning! Sent the pc to repair man and he think is the “Hard-Disk” problem. Facebook works on the iPad independently of itself, but the settings thing is still messed up, which leads me to believe it must be a corrupt file.

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I was able to restore from a previous iCloud Backup, and I was so excited that even THAT was working, that immediately I chose the latest backup which was and it restored everything everything back to where I was pre-iOS 7.

Restoring your device means it resets it to factory settings like when you took it out of the box you can restore it and go back to the earlier time if it works for you. Skip to miwsing content.

This is was copied from Apple’ iTunes Error codes support article. If I choose the iPhone backup thing, will that work? Sent uusb pc to repair man and he think is the “Hard-Disk” problem. Jul 1, 4: I reinstalled them via the cloud it was rather tedious to have to reset uxb mail and sign in apps but he is very happy I restored most of his things after the whole update debacle. All my iPad does not is turn on from a black screen to a white apple in the middle for a few seconds before it goes to that blue iTunes plug screen, and after a period of time, it shuts off completely.

Jissing unless you recommend I don’t This is what it looks like when I opened it.


Jul 6, Okay so after I reinstalled a fresh new copy of iTunes last night, and then plugged my iPad into it and it took it from the itunes restore screen to a screen that gave me a choice of backups I had for the iPad various dates it did it’s thing and then my iPad was brought back to exactly where it was just before the iOS update, which happened to have this Facebook problem that’s the whole reason I was so eager to update the iOS software to begin with, in the hopes of fixing the FB connecting to server, etc.

Jul 2, 6: I promise that I will post back, when I have the time to really devote to it. You’ve been a tremendous help!!! Thanks so much for your awesome suggestions.

We’ll be back

Unfortunately, I’m still is a similar position, but want to check back in and see if you made any progress at all. These errors mean that your device or computer may have a hardware issue that’s missng the update or restore from completing.

Boz Message was edited by: How to Install and Use iTunes. As it turns out, after running a problem detector on my laptop, it said two device drivers are missing for the “Apple Mobile Device Restore Mode ” and it tried fix the problem by updating or reinstalling the drivers but in the end it gave me an “error code 28”. Plug the Apple device into the computer using the USB cable.

I don’t use FaceBook so I have never used the app. I then unplugged and connected again and itunes wouldn’t recognise the iphone attached, and the iPhone is now stuck in recovery mode. So I was thinking “Hmm Your operating system will be detected and the correct version of iTunes will download to your computer.


When I saw this last ap;le, I realized that I didn’t have the time to try to sort through it all and give it my best response. Any idea what I can do to fix this?

Recovering Apple driver (iBoot) USB

I ran into the same issues with the whole plug in iTunes logo. Follow the prompts to restore. If I set up as new misisng will I still be able to get my apps back?

When you deleted the FaceBook app, did you see this in the settings on your iPad?

Having update issue – Apple Community

Tried the phone again in it’s recovery mode on another computer with iTunes and the PC immediately detects the phone in the correct recovery mode, prompts to restore, and succeeds. I had to repeat the driver reinstall process a couple of times during the iPhone restore — as it progressed, it kept switching the driver back to apple recovery iboot usb is missing a nonfunctional — but the restore eventually went through, allowing me to keep my apps, data, history, etc.

If you don’t have another recent backup, don’t restore from an old one. I tried the same button pressing as you and the Apple Care guy described, and it appoe to be recognised in iTunes.