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According to these results and those of the Pentium 4 2 GHz I suspect that this test contains a plenty of applications optimized for the new architecture of the Pentium 4 and its instruction sets, thus making it unsuitable for estimation of the performance of the old CPUs and boards on them. Despite its disadvantages, the board will work excellently in a high-efficient home computer. Technically speaking, this name sums up a lot of changes, including:. Besides, in the box you can find a manual including guide how to carry out tests and the board’s features. The box houses a disc with new drivers for this chipset from VIA.

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BioShock Infinite and Metro: But the trend of hiding of the majority of them in production boards will likely take place here as well. And here, in the xx16 mode the KTA achieves a 8. Maybe, it just wanted the board not to be raw.

The computer industry often uses letters such as “A”, “B” and so apolo on model numbers to indicate fairly minor improvements. Performance Apart from bugfixes and overall performance increase, VIA Technologies aimed in the new chipset an elimination of the superiority in some tests of AMD and SiS chipsets.

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Page 1 of 1. So, first of all we decided to test them on the old revision of the chipset.


Our hero shines everywhere, and in the Ziff Davis the difference is simply stunning: The switch is only one – for clearing the CMOS contents. And this is just a Reference Board!

Improving a Classic – VIA’s KT266A Chipset for AMD-based systems

Among a great deal of jumpers the most interesting are 4 units of switches: Nevertheless, we think it would be interesting for you to take a gander at. But there is one more point I’d like to attract your attention to.

Apart from an integrated sound controller with a connector on a front panel with audio-outs there is a smart-card reader connector. ASUS 50x speed Software: The north bridge is equipped with a heatsink and a fan.

First, it doesn’t make sense anymore to purchase boards on an expensive but not the fastest AMD Benchmark testing reveals that the KTA is worth asking for by name and by letter.

Want to play a game? Read this list carefully to make sure you get the performance you want when you buy your motherboard, since many vendors still sell motherboards based on the original KT chipset.

VIA Apollo KTA chipset and its competitors

Please check back later. The layout of the board is not the best: The KTA will be a fly in the ointment only for those who have recently bought a KT based board The board kt266x 4 uF and 3 uF capacitors.


Sandy Bridge Trying out the new method. Learn more about SiSoft Sandra, an amazing system reporting and benchmarking tool that can help you get more apollo from any hardware at: Consumed Power, Energy Consumption: Technically speaking, this name sums up a lot of changes, including:.

What’s new in the KTA? The site of the company says that the board will ship together with a “Value Pack ” disc with freeware programs. It is kt266w with 11 uF capacitors and a little set of switches.

VIA Apollo KTA Chipset Review | 3D Mark and SiSoft Sandra

The fourth will help you choose a processor type – Athlon, Duron or Athlon 4 Palomino. It is clear that the memory subsystem is enhanced in all parameters. On the other hand, this helps to estimate the product when these results supplement diagrams of performance achieved in real applications. Its specifications are identical to the KT The BIOS is ,t266a on the v.