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I didn’t see why, but now I realized the period at the end is what’s messing it up. There are tons of small hardware shops out there with drivers in the kernel, written by paid developers. Jerry2 on Dec 10, On Windows, their constant work at improving drivers, leading up to the release of their Crimson driver software, has been evident over the last two years. Linux doesn’t need to win the desktop or win over AMD, it thrives in its own market and has been surviving perfectly well without them. I don’t know if HALs in the kernel would have been the smart thing to do here I’m not familiar enough with the problem to comment; generally, abstracting hardware access behind a HAL is a smart thing, but “generally” is a really bad snare trap.

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It’s not the kernel maintainers fault that your company does not give you proper resources or approach Linux in a correct way.

When the time comes, it will be duly mainlined. Someone in the community kenrel do the cleanup and get it upstream eventually. So I am not entirely sure they have resources for their hardware division either, in fact the recent card launches from them all looked “rushed” in some way, and undertested.

Unlock hidden CPU core and potential. A lot of people are unhappy with Windows 10 and would love to switch. Depends on your choices. Stuff like depreciation though less of an issue now without the fabs and writing off “goodwill” from e. A whole thread about this, and not once was the word “EEE” uttered.


Linux Is A Huge Update For Both AMD CPU & Radeon GPU Owners – Phoronix

I’m sympathetic to BSD, but that seems like a lot of misplaced blame to me. Sarah Sharp worked for Intel and apparently didn’t manage to contribute to the kernel in a way that would make communication with Torvalds particularly pleasant. Things that I find unacceptable and embarrassing if it happens on Windows or Mac and I have to learn to live with it on Linux.

Just install a distro and you’re good to go. Why even pretend to support Linux? Jeremy Foshee jeremyfoshee wrote on For those of us out of the loop, if AMD has been “losing money for most of its existence” and “almost went bankrupt on a number of occasions”, then how is it still alive? This is exactly how I feel. The s7b10 of gross profit here is severely misleading.


It’s too convenient for developers to just blame managers when stupid things happen. Meanwhile, Wicd and connman do exactly what you need, and don’t constantly crash while doing it. Are you talking about the Intel firmware or the OpenGL mesa drivers? Additional shit in mainline increases the maintenance burden.


I am looking at having Linux installed on this mobo. He gave them that answer 6 months ago, and they ignored it. I know it’s fashionable to take poetic license and raise the stakes for everyday inconveniences, but let’s keep things in perspective.

Meanwhile, other OS projects get the dregs. It seems to work extremely well.

I’ll start with a short answer – AMD wants to have at minimum a reasonably good baseline functionality on linux, out of the box. A year amv AMD said they would just use what is currently in the kernel with a few minor modifications to get their driver working in userspace, apparently they did not follow through on that though. I don’t give a rat’s beans if optimized video card, nic, etc drivers are open. But I still don’t understand how they’re still alive?

I’m done with that myself. However, any temporary solution may suffice. Blame ubuntu for following Red Hat’s lead, and using their “solutions” to lunux problem. I’ve been hearing of AMD trying to get their Linux drivers in good shape for a long time now.