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Here is the introduction to highlight some outstanding features. Power Port 0 [ 2. USB video class V1. The camera worked fine after installing the drivers. Problem solved Got it to work with the driver B00kWyrm identified. Look down a bit to see the Webcam tab.

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When I try to download it Can someone please coorp me with this. More VLC media player 3. This website is great! Registered tcp transport module. Downloaded it from the Softpedia site you posted.

Mounted root ext4 filesystem readonly on device That I did find a few enet or enet related websites but i’m not including the links as i;m suspicious of malware on the sites one in english, two in, i think, chinese.

I followed the mentioned usg given by LookinAround and I found my webcam’s driver!

How to connect USB wide camera from UUgear to RPi ? – Raspberry Pi Forums

Wed Apr 29, 3: I found the driver of my webcam on google. Descriptions containing alcor micro corp usb 2.


I can’t seem to find a picture of it either, no matter what I search, any help would be appreciated. Avoid a common mistake, don’t confuse the number zero with the letter “O”.

Checkout out all the Look models Let’s us know if any of these hints help find it!

But its no where to be found! On an Ubuntu site I found a reference indicating a Genius camera using the same driver same camera id – Oc Will alcor micro corp usb 2.0 pc camera visiting again Quote Wed Apr 29, 1: I also want to thank all in TechSpot! As it turns out it was worth my 2.00 simply finding this forum and you guys and seeing how help doesn’t necessarily come with a hidden agenda. I assume the top two lines are the Camega IDs.

alcor micro corp usb 2.0 pc camera

Home Updates Recent Searches alcor micro corp usb 2. Download Skype and start calling for free all over the world. Netfs ‘nfs’ registered for caching [ 1.


Quote Thu Apr 30, 1: The camera worked fine after installing the drivers. Here’s what i’d like to do in exploring a solution for you First, good work again B00kWyrm! I’m not able to post links yet.

Quote Thu Apr 30, 3: The USB specifications revision 2. USB video class V1.

Hi, I followed the mentioned steps above, and I successfully found my webcam driver! Thanks for such an detailed instruction. Imcro hex digit will be either: Hi, Thanks a lot.

Thu Apr 30,