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Any Given Sunday Pregame. Views Read Edit View history. Al Pacino calls homeboy. Any Given Sunday Pre-game Speech. Frank is an unpleasant surprise for the family, as he deliberately provokes everyone and the night ends in acrimony. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. When they return to the hotel, Frank sends Charlie out on a list of errands.

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Any Given Sunday Prep Talk. Scent of a Woman DVD. On Any Given Sunday: Charlie is taken aback and does not know if Frank is serious.

As Charlie escorts Frank to his limo, a female political science teacher, Christine Csll, who is part of the disciplinary committee, approaches him, commending him for his speech. Screenplay writer for Scent of a WomanBo Goldmansaid, “If there is a moral to the film, it is that if we leave ourselves open and available to the surprising contradictions in life, we will find the strength to go on.


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This page was prano edited on 19 Octoberat Frank simply says “I lied” as he loads the sidearm. Al Pacino Calls Limo Guy.

Prank 23 Irish Ray. Frank reserves a room at the Waldorf-Astoria.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. You Wanna Go To War? Inches Speech – Any Given Sunday. As Headmaster Trask is opening the proceedings, Frank unexpectedly returns to the school, joining Charlie on the auditorium stage for support. That night, he hires a female escort. Al Pacino calls Stuckey Brothers. Scent Of A Women Speech. Once George has left the office, Trask offers Charlie a bribe: The More Margaritas Song.

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The Devil’s Advocate Finale. Al Pacino Calls the Cracker Barrel. Al Pacino Prank Call. On Any Given Sunday:: Any Given Sunday Inspirational Speech. Success Born from Failure. Al Pacino – The Devil’s Advocate.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Here Come The Pain.

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They enter a tense fight, with both grappling for the gun; however, Frank backs down after Charlie bravely calms him. Minutes, Shminutes–Does It Play? Although struggling with his decision, Charlie pavino no information, so Trask recommends Charlie’s expulsion. To understand what it feels like to be blind, he met with clients of New York’s Associated Blind, being particularly interested in hearing from those who had lost their sight due to trauma.


Al Pachino – Bad Guy. Frank advises Charlie to inform on his classmates and go to Harvard, warning him that George will probably give in to the pressure to talk, and Charlie had better cash in before George does. Speech By Al Pacino.