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Burn Location Burn Loc: An icon, when present, gives a graphical description of a potential hazard. None of the OBD2 scans I have encountered has been this easy to setup and use. The Actron CP Elite Auto Scanner has been equipped with a good feature that allows it to display its information as a graphical presentation still at the real time. This function is mainly used for diag- nosing intermittent driveability problems that cannot be isolated by any other method.

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No faults detected is displayed 2. The manufacturer reserves the right to make changes at any time to this manual or accompanying product without obligation to notify any person or organization of such changes.

Write down the 2— digit or 3 — digit code for reference. These items are not covered in this section.

Advance Auto Parts – Down for Maintenance

Since they bought it for their use, their actron elite autoscanner cp9185 on the technical support has drastically reduced. Manuals included acfron Scan Tool Actron elite autoscanner cp9185 the Special Tests Menu: Popular reasons your Check Engine Light may…. Current codes and History codes. Page Glossary Warm-up Cycle: To test another switch. Any system where a computer controls fuel delivery to the engine by using fuel injectors. Page 48 Using The Scan Tool 2. Close all programs on the computer.


Contrast Adjust Chrysler Autosacnner The above stored infromation can be reviewed for Chrysler vehicles.

Page 11 Safety Precautions Battery acid is a highly corrosive sulfuric acid. Troubleshooting Operating Error or Erroneous Data.

Using The Scan Tool 2. Select Drive Cycle Monitor.

Actron CP9185 Elite Auto Scanner Diagnostic Code Scanner Review

So I purchased two extra ones to release some overload on the first. Do not touch the throttle pedal during testing. Noise from the throttle position sensor TPS may cause the test to abort cp915 though the throttle was not moved. Domestic Vehicles General Motors Chevrolet Safety messages contain three different type styles.

Actron elite autoscanner cp9185 LH adapter cable CP can be purchased from your dealer. Follow Instructions on the display. Select the type of data to actron elite autoscanner cp9185. Manifold Air Temperature sensor.

CP9185 Elite AutoScanner

A beep accompanies each LOW flash. If a recording currently exists in memory, a message prompting to erase data is displayed.

What Autoscannee like with the Actron CP Elite Auto Scanner, it is compatible with a wide range actron elite autoscanner cp9185 motor vehicle brands hence if you have to change your car you will not have to change your code scanner. Safety Precautions Battery acid is a highly corrosive sulfuric acid. In addition to this, the playback mechanism works fine in enabling the technician access the data which may not have been clearly understood.


Moreover, actron elite autoscanner cp9185 Actron CP Elite Auto Scanner Diagnostic Code Scanner is a simple to use equipment which gives one the opportunity to get fast access to the vehicle engine autoscaner. Seven must- have car diagnostic tools.

Moreover, the scan machine is enabled to provide its user with a well coordinated review and analysis of the same live data making its use stress free. All these are meant to be able to help connect to other gadgets like the PC for ease of data coding and analysis.